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    Thinking about replacing operating Mastercon controls with Limo Touch to provide passengers with more even temperatures. Current control is AC or Heat with three fan speeds. No fan if AC or Heat is not selected. Passengers are complaining about being too cold with AC on and get hot fast with no fan when turning unit off.

    Considering replacing with Limo Touch controls, (but I don't know their long term reliability) or installing a passenger controlled blend valve similar to the controls in the front of a regular car to moderate the temperature.

    Suggestions or input appreciated.

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    I can tell you that Ive replaced my Mastrcon for the Limo touch in my Ultra Excursion and have yet to experience any of the problems I had dealt with befdore. Ive been told how ever that companys in the North may exp. problems with the touch portion during winter monthes, but only the people up north can answer that. For me I couldnt be happier



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